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Broke A Key On My Laptop


Any advice??? If the key does not look right, try pressing down on all corners of the key to make sure all clips are snapped into place. After just five minutes of studying your photos & instructions. I have been trying to get that thing on for 2 months now. Check This Out

Marina January 7, 2008 | Thank you for showing the picture keys, very helpful Perry Ho January 8, 2008 | thank you so much for your help! thanks so much Briony August 10, 2007 | HI, I found your information very useful but I'm still have the problems with my spacebar. Situation 1. External keyboards don't cost much (some cost less than $10), and are easy to install.

How To Fix A Key On A Laptop Keyboard That Is Not Working

The retainer always remained on the key. I've been searching for a replacement key, but no luck until I found your site. I dropped something on my laptop keyboard and the letter J popped off with the retainer still connected to the key cap. Laptop keyboards are different.

  1. The update shows how to install the space bar key.
  2. Next clip, the top on.
  3. I thought that I would have to live with a missing ":" key, but thanks to your tips, I was able to snap it back on!
  4. On some laptops you have to press Fn+NumLk.
  5. The position of the metal hooks determines the position of plastic pieces.

Thank you a thousand times. I would never have figured it out, and certainly would not had the guys to pop a 2nd key off thinking that I would just make a bad situation worse. I am so happy I could kiss you. Laptop Key Retainer The image below shows the spacebar removed from a laptop.

which antivirus is better now iam using macfee ahib0205 April 2, 2007 | owh… what is the virus in your laptop? How To Fix A Key That Fell Off A Laptop Keyboard I DID HAVE TO TAKE OFF ANOTHER KEY AND LOOK AT IT, AND THEN HAD TO SPEND SOME TIME WORKING ON THAT KEY, BUT I NOW HAVE EVERYTHING BACK ON AND Fern April 29, 2007 | the pictures were a great help even though my machine is a little different.

Take the smaller plastic piece and observe that it has two holes at the top, two sticks at the middle and a bar with larger hole at the bottom.

Squeeze a small amount of super glue onto a sheet of paper. How To Fix Keyboard Keys On Laptop The position of the metal hooks determines the position of plastic pieces. The left tip is OK, but the right one is missing. saved me a trip to the repairer.

How To Fix A Key That Fell Off A Laptop Keyboard

Any idea of how I can get the little plastic thingies that I so desperately need? The larger metal hooks can be at the top, bottom, right or left side. How To Fix A Key On A Laptop Keyboard That Is Not Working Now I don't have to take my laptop into a repair shop. How To Fix A Broken Laptop Key keep the good work running dianne April 23, 2008 | Thank you so much!

Key still doesn't work after fixing or replacing If the key still does not work after putting it back on or replacing the keycap, key pad, or key retainer, it is http://lebos.org/how-to/bluetooth-mobile-to-laptop.php December 19th, 2009 |Tags: laptop key, laptop keys, replacement laptop keys Posted in Installation Guides | Comments Off Repair Your Stuck Sticky Laptop Keys - HP, DELL, Lenovo If your keys I fixed the key myself. My problem is while trying to put the spacebar back on (before I found you) the two of the plastic retainers broke. How To Fix A Keyboard Key That Doesn't Work

Thx. Sherry April 4, 2008 | Wow! The key came off with the balancers attached. http://lebos.org/how-to/broken-laptop-key.php I was freakin' out because my 1 year old got a hold of my laptop and removed a key.

Take the larger plastic piece and observe that it has two large sticks at the top, two sticks at the bottom and two holes in the middle. How To Fix A Broken Keyboard Key On A Laptop Hp Make sure to hold down the retainer clips when taking off the tape, so that the retainer clips don't break. I didn't realize that all you have to do is simply press down on the key to put back in place.

Thanks again for taking efforts to maintain a good website like this.

Or, worse yet, the keyboard cuts out entirely. The sticks in the middle are going to go into the middle holes of the larger piece. Brendan03 April 6, 2007 | Hi, I know this is irrelevant but I couldn't seem to find a contact anywhere else on the site - I own a Toshiba PSM53A (M50 How To Fix Laptop Keyboard Keys Lenovo If you aren't comfortable disassembling your laptop, then bring it to a service depot so a professional can take a look at it.

Go USB If all else fails and you need to get a term paper or other word document done, stat, then find a USB desktop keyboard and plug it in. it took me less than 5 minutes! (I did need to take off the "shift" key beneath the "enter" key to see how to reassemble the 2 white retaining pieces)… so Flag as duplicate Thanks! navigate here Thanks so much.

Get a thin object or a blade and stretch the plastic pieces downwards to insert completely. Or perhaps, out of sympathy, I should type "ha's errible!" Luckily, you may be able to fix the problem with a cleaning: Shut down the PC. The smooth part faces away from the keyboard. There seems to be nothing that attaches it.

Then place the rubber cup in its place. Contact Us Home Browse Keys Search Keys Full Keyboards Skins Installation Guides About Us Contact Us FAQ Testimonials Laptop Key Blog How to Order Replacement Laptop Keys and Find Model Number So simple when you have a little help from someone who knows! Thanks for the good advice here.

Spacebar key steps Unlike the other keys on the keyboard, the spacebar requires additional steps to get it back on properly. Leanna M Sales & Catering Manager, Marriott Larry January 31, 2008 | I have the exact problem with three keys missing on a Medion MD 2900 notebook. If rebooting your machine┬ástill doesn't seem to solve the issue, there are a few other tricks you can try to get the keyboard to work again. More» More Stories by Joel Acer Chromebook R 13 (CB5-312T-K5X4) It may cost more than other chromebooks, but the Acer Chromebook R 13 (CB5-312T-K5X4) has a full HD ...

This metal bar mechanism needs to be snapped onto the key itself. But I have no idea what to do with the other metal retainer. If you have a desktop, just replace it. Jerz July 23, 2007 | Thanks for the photos and instructions.

any advice anyone? JK McZoo April 3, 2008 | Thank you. Meagan January 24, 2008 | Thanks so much for the repair tip! If no results have come up for your full Model Number IE: DV4-2145dx, try inputting the short version "DV4″. 3.

German July 31, 2007 | Thank you!!! The smooth part faces away from the keyboard.