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Buying A Memory Upgrade Off EBay

anon October 21st, 2015 at 5:05 am Mike, here's a few links you should read. The memory was bad. All four sticks showed as bad. I made two purchases, 2Gx4 (8G) and 4Gx4 (16G). http://lebos.org/buying-a/buying-a-new-lcd-need-a-little-help.php

Some types can never be mixed, such as DDR with DDR2 or DDR3. Hope it helps someone. And they have turned to For Dummies books and bestselling eBay author Marsha Collier to help guide them through buying and selling on eBay for over a decade. Quote #3 Tue Jun 09, 2015 12:25 pm Newegg is listing the Crucial 2x8GiB kit for $145 until 6/15, but looks like you are looking for more RAM.

Opinions expressed are those of their authors and may not reflect the opinion of Cobweb Publishing. I needed all four sticks as replacements for the four existing, 2GB sticks, so I did not even go down the road of testing a stick at a time. Screenshot and emailed info. I have also been tempted at ebay purchase.

All Rights Reserved. It would have cost as much to ship it back as the original purchase price, and that didn't include tracking. Just for your knowledge: I have lowered timings and without any problem I can set the 16GB configuration at 533mhz with these settings: CL: 3 tRCD: 4 tRP: 4 tRAS: 11 Never trust anyone else's upgrades, customization, or other handiwork.

If you find that the information offered on your preferred listed item is inadequate, contact the seller and request further clarification. Unfortunately, unless you're getting the original box and CDs that came with these programs, you're probably not getting them legally. This informs the user of their computer's memory specifications and recommends the best type of RAM upgrade for that motherboard. http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/generic-ebay-ram-who-bought-some-and-did-it-work-out.550000/ Full of errors running at 800 Mhz and the pc would not boot at 400 or 533.

Application Checklist Motherboard QVL Choose the highest performing QVL recommended memory card Operating System Check whether the operating system is 32- or 64-bit Form Factor Assess the motherboard's memory card slots so if you put 2 identical sticks in the correct slots of dual channel motherboard, it will run as dual channel.But for a peace of mind, go for brand name from I've bought 4x4GB "micron chipped" rams from HK to fit my AMD mobo (gigabyte) that is certified for 4GB modules @800mhz for a total of 16GB. I would get one reply a day due to the time difference.

solved Buying Ram of Ebay? https://techreport.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=115721 Nothing. I have lowered the mhz from bios to 667. For instance, a computer with a low memory of 256MB DDR2 RAM is perfectly suited to being upgraded to a 512MB DDR2 RAM.

After an extended boot time, ESXi ‘purple screened'. news On fleaBay you have no warranty as to who the seller is: a reputable and established dealer or some shady sleaze just trying to scam your money. Both static and dynamic volatile RAM runs from the power supply on the motherboard. Note about tREAD / Performance Level: The lower the value, the better the performance.

The selection of computer memory cards on eBay is extensive, which reflects the market saturation for this and many other hardware components that are being traded constantly. Maybe I'll just have to wait till DDR4 picks up speed. Below are a few examples of what a buyer should not do. have a peek at these guys In eBay Photography the Smart Way, eBay expert Joseph Sinclair teams up with professional product photographer Stanley Livingston to give readers easy-to-follow...https://books.google.co.uk/books/about/EBay_Photography_the_Smart_Way.html?id=AVf1HkVbMHcC&utm_source=gb-gplus-shareEBay Photography the Smart WayMy libraryHelpAdvanced Book SearchGet print bookNo

Don't Simply Find a Card That Fits Purchasing new RAM involves choosing a memory card that fits into an existing motherboard. it's a damn shame! To upgrade beyond this entails replacing their 32-bit operating system with a 64-bit.

For others being tempted at purchasing RAM on ebay.

  1. alucao August 8th, 2015 at 5:56 pm I bought the same 4x4GB Samsung DDR2 from another ebay seller for 32€.
  2. mtrello_Blog June 9th, 2016 at 5:50 am Thanks for your observations.
  3. Non-volatile RAM is most commonly used in specialist applications for scientific and military operations and runs with its own power supply.
  4. Select several memory cards that match your needed criteria and go through each listing carefully, taking note of photographs and specification details.
  5. Hope these infos can help someone that want to buy these cheap modules….
  6. Example 2: I own an AMD PC that needs CL6 ram modules.
  7. Sinclair (Vallejo, CA) is the author of eBay Business the Smart Way; eBay Motors the Smart Way, Building Your eBay Traffic the Smart Way and eBay Global the Smart Way.

I've lowered once again the memories mhz to 533 and now works with 16GB with no errors (seems to be really stable). During this transition, DDR3 prices will start a slow but steady rise in prices as manufacturing lines are migrated over to DDR4 and DDR3 supply slowly contracts. How to Buy RAM on eBay eBay has a large selection of the many different types of RAM. You'll find registered ECC DDR3 DIMMs from them in various places for relatively little.

It provides a good insight into system software, memory, and operating systems, depending on what type of computer you're buying. Pictures are worth a thousand words - or dollars While you can't actually be there to actually inspect your product when bidding on eBay, pictures can be a real help. The mobo I have(Asus Z9PE-W8) supports 8 ECC DIMMs up to 32 GB per DIMM. check my blog Guess they can ship whatever they want and still say they shipped the correct product?

The common eBay-based Internet PC vendor selling shady computers and the Mac user trying to get rid of an extra Mac around his or her house are very different sellers. (Admit Hopefully your posts will help someone else who stumbles upon this post. Those few pounds extra are worth it. Email may be published at our discretion unless marked "not for publication"; email addresses will not be published without permission, and we will encrypt them in hopes of avoiding spammers.

It is also wise to check your designated seller's reputation.