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Some of the things that are 64-bit specific are: Base class libraries (System.*) Just-In-Time compiler Debugging support .NET Framework SDK For example, I have a C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework and a C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64 folder. But, to repeat (I'll do it a few times, so forgive me) the most important take away, from MSDN: "If you have 100% type safe managed code then you really can Trying to save money by purchasing a sub-par case/power supply combination proved foolish. Check. weblink

And on and on. Packing essentially ensures that each member of a structure is aligned to a certain sized byte boundary. Why invest money in a case, anyway? Add in an inexpensive DVD-ROM ($29), a simple 80mm case fan ($5), 8GB of RAM ($116), and a cheap case ($29), and I was done — for under $750. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2337420,00.asp

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To ensure that the operation system would never even touch the hard drive for virtual memory page-swapping (it won't, of course, but you never know), I installed a lightning-fast Seagate Barracuda All was correct. Lessons learned I learned several lessons in the process of building this budget 64-bit server: A 64-bit server need not break the bank. We appreciate your feedback.

United States Patents Trademarks Privacy Policy Preventing Piracy Terms of Use © 1994-2017 The MathWorks, Inc. They wrap a bunch of webservice calls to TFS (and do a nice job of it) but (although I haven't decompiled them to check) I doubt they need to do anything Moving right along. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11078915/how-to-compile-a-c-program-as-64-bit-on-64-bit-machine You have to specify that you want to debug the managed code running in the process.

Cool, so... 32-bit vs. 64-bit - Why Should I Care? There's a cost factor, however: It's far cheaper to add more RAM than an expensive video card. Remember that IntPtr is smart enough to get bigger and point to the right stuff. But more than likely the managed application will be involved with any or all of the following: Invoking platform APIs via p/invoke Invoking COM objects Making use of unsafe code Using

It's not 64 bit per say, it's the newer OS needed. http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/windows-and-office/a-computer-geeks-guide-to-building-a-64-bit-server-on-a-budget/ You're better served putting your money in electronics, weapons, and navigation systems instead. In the LLP64 data model, only pointers expand to 64 bits; all other basic data types (integer and long) remain 32 bits in length. Is there any way to have a project that can call a x86 targeted dll while still being loadable by a 64 bit application, or do I need to convert my

Related Posts 32-bitness and 64-bitness and migrating DasBlog on IIS7 and ASP.NET under Vista x64 «Hanselman List of Podcasts for .NET Prog... | Blog Home | Moonlight 1.0 Release - Open have a peek at these guys Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's view in any way. Browse other questions tagged c++ compilation makefile g++ 64bit or ask your own question. He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author.

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  2. Even if you are using an older version, you could try getting 32-bit version of MATLAB on your 64-bit machine and compile using that.
  3. Total cost was just $766.
  4. Please post bug reports in Jira.
  5. Otherwise, good stuff as usual.
  6. Here's how he did it.
  7. You really can do a lot without P/Invoke, and then these issues don't come up. -- JeffJeff BerkowitzTuesday, 17 February 2009 20:41:52 UTCJeff - Well, in fact the P/Invoking is happening
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  9. For some components like libX11 there is a command line option to set the lib folder (--with--x11-libdir=/usr/lib32) but for some others (libpng, libjpeg, ...) it is not possible so these libraries

Now, if I right click on the Properties dialog for this Project in Visual Studio I can select the Platform Target from the Build Tab: By default, the Platform Target is He is also president of Eckel Media Corp., a communications company specializing in public relations and technical authoring projects. The process consumed a single Saturday afternoon and was documented in an accompanying TechRepublic Photo Gallery. check over here I chose to use an AMD Radeon HD 4870 1GB; it's a very capable graphics card, but it's not quite the Nvidia-based powerhouse that the HP or Lenovo uses.

I needed to install and test Windows Small Business Server 2008, and I needed to do so fast. If you're aware of what IntPtrs are, you likely know this already. As a managing partner with Louisville Geek, he works daily as an IT consultant to assist small businesses in overcoming technology challenges and maximizing IT investments.

My total costs were less than $775.

All was ready. Technology professionals enjoy building things. For us, it doesn't really matter. Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled TechRepublic Search GO Cloud CXO Software Startups Innovation More Data Centers Hardware Microsoft Google Apple All Topics Sections: Photos Videos All Writers Newsletters Forums

I found the term "bitness" to be a little confusing. Add space before uppercase letter Is Agent Smith a bug in the Matrix or a virus? The most important take away, from MSDN: "If you have 100% type safe managed code then you really can just copy it to the 64-bit platform and run it successfully under this content However, applications do need pointers to 64-bit data, and they need the ability to have 64-bit data types in selected cases.

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