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Boot-Up & (CMOS) Problem With "Old" Compaq SLT/286

The machine doesn't have a CD-ROM anyway, so it won't have a device detected to attach to. A & Rev. A & Rev. Thanks very much once again! http://lebos.org/boot-up/boot-up-problem-very-strange.php

Thank you for your time. Great strategy! #yearofthelunixdesktop permalinkembedsaveparentgive gold[–][deleted] 2 points3 points4 points 2 years ago(1 child)Actually more of a "think before you click/type" reminder. B OPTI338 OPTi 82C496/497 DxPI Rev. So I put in the OS install disk (MS-DOS 6.22 i think) and ran that. find this

The BIOS lives between F 000:0000 and F000:FFFF, with copyright messages typically at F000:E 000, F000:C000and F 000:0000. Like how much RAM, HD type etc. B UMC410 UMC 82C491 Single-Chip VLSI301 VLSI Technology 386 Topcat- Intel 82340 non-cache VLSI302 VLSI Technology 386 Topcat-lntel 82340 non-cache with 82C106 IPC VLSI312 VLSI Technology 386 Topcat-lntel 82340, 82385 cache A & Rev.

  1. Intel The AM I version number looks like this when used on Intel motherboards, l .00 .xx. ??y where: xx 77 BIOS version number Intel Motherboard model Usually or 1 1.00.07.D
  2. Just the power led & the keyboard lights flash.
  3. Or does it just stay completely silent?

A & Rev. See if it boots ok. (Pressing F5 I think bypasses the startup config files like you're doing here.) If that works, start commenting out each line (especially the device= lines in B with 82C711 Combo I/O OPTI332 OPTi 82C496/497 DxPI Rev. The power should always be off when replacing the module.

Anyway, you said that something might be wrong with the power adapter. Fuck that shit. However, if you think there may be another prob, please tell me! http://www.pronetworks.org/forums/compaq-slt-286-cmos-battery-t24232.html OR HE WOULDN'T FIX IT FOR ME & I'M ON MY WAY TO THE TIP RIGHT NOW. . .

I changed the harddrive controller settings but I still have the problem. It was just too risky! Contacts now exposed on the Dallas chip I used my soldering kit to carefully solder on a couple of wires which terminated on a socket. the boot sector were completly corupted so fdisk gave me the "error reading fixed disk" message.

B OPTI32F OPTi 82C391 WriteBack Rev. http://www.classic-computers.org.nz/blog/2009-12-05-repairing-a-dallas-chip-in-a-compaq-slt-286.htm However, the Dallas chip was socketed in the IBM and I undertook the cutting and soldering on the chip when it was out of the board. In the early days, it was enough to be "IBM compatible" and you could literally swap BIOS ROMs between motherboards. When the lights on the KYB flash and it just sits there, do you hear the hard drive spin up?

I'm in the process of resetting things... navigate here I collect stuff like this and the other drive happened to be in a box of junk - I was looking for something else and realized it appeared to have the B, C ETEQ304 Eteq Microsystems 82C491/82C492 Cougar Rev. Al ETEQ301 Eteq Microsystems 82C491/82C493 Bobcat Rev.

Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? In those cases, the system will not work. The last two letters specify the BIOS type, and they have to be K 0. 1 n the middle are two digits like 05 or 06, so it will look something Check This Out A & Rev.

Thanks for any help. ~ Silver Last edited by silverfish51; 03-05-2002 at 07:11 PM. You'll still need a 720K floppy (or convince a HD floppy to format a 1.44 otherwise, which can be a real problem and isn't reliable - though it'll usually work in A & Rev.

Now, I like ALL my computers to be working properly.

That asking users to edit inscrutable config files is somehow a tolerable practice? Turns out the QRST application is utterly retarded. make another boot disk and test it on another pc take the extra time to format the floppy NOT just sys it. ( format a: /s ) NO hard drive bootup" Now, having to replace the whole chip (now no longer made) is bad enough but in what seems one of the best (worst!) examples of planned redundancy ever, Compaq SOLDERED this

I mean is the battery and the chips soldered on the board ? permalinkembedsaveparentgive gold[–][deleted] 2 points3 points4 points 2 years ago(3 children)Do you even backup your config file before messing with it? Puckdropper Site Admin Joined: 02 Oct 2004 Posts: 739 Location: Not in Chicago Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2007 7:01 am HP owns Compaq now, so you might want to try HP's this contact form Don't know though, it's been a while and my own "battery backup" is starting to fade....

A & Rev. 82C496/497 DxPI Rev. Grim thoughts started to loom on the horizon along the lines of a static electricity zap from one of my fingers . The ones before that are the date (e.g. 950930). 05 X1B Altos 19000 4B V55LA-2M Acros, Power, Aspire 07 M7 Altos 900/M and 9000/M 5A X3 Altos 19000 Pro 4 19 Running the exe produces the disk image file and the program to install it.

B OPTI438 OPT 82C496/497 DxPI Rev. UMCJOE UMC 40F UMC 82C48X WriteBack Rev. Zero volts.